FALL 2012
Enrollment Deadline:  June 12

S/DG Enrollment Page

Use this webpage to enroll for Omnilore courses (SDGs) for Fall 2012 by following these instructions.  
  • Click Here to open a separate window with full descriptions of the Fall trimester's course offerings.
  • Usage of this webpage for enrollment uses a web feature called "mailto" which means clicking on an email address on a webpage sends an email, or in thic case, clicking SUBMIT at the bottom generates an email in your email system and you then SEND that email to complete submission.  Your web browser must be connected to your email system for the mailto to work.  For most people, this connection is set correctly whether they realize it or not.  If you know you can click on email addresses on webpages and send messages, you can proceed to step 1 below – OR, test that feature now by clicking on the following mailto which sends a test message:
  • If mailto does not work for you, view instructions for connecting browsers to your email system by clicking READ MORE below.  (Or, use one of the other options for submitting your course selections to Johan, such as a simple email or the paper Course Selection Form.  We intend to make this form-fill webpage even easier for next time by eliminating the email submission.)
    If your web browser "Options" or "Preferences" are not set to associate your browser with your email system.  

    • Click Here for help on setting this Option on a Windows computer (PC). 
    • Click Here for guidance on setting the Mailto Preference on a Macintosh running the Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browser.

    Further individualized help with the this browser-email connectrion may be requested by contacting  sure to state in your message (a) what web browser you use, and (b) whether you're on a Mac or a Windows/PC computer.

  Fill in boxes as instructed.   (You may hit the TAB key to move between boxes)

  1. Enter your Last Name, First Name, Phone Number, and Email Address in the 4 boxes below:

    Last Name:       
    First Name:       
    Phone Number:
    Email Address: 

  2. Select the number of courses you wish to take.  Do not include "CSU" in your number if you are interested in the CSUDH lecture series in the Fall, but instead enter it as a Special Request in step 7 below.  (Select 0 if you want no courses this summer, and go straight to the Submit button at the end.)

    Number Courses:  
  3. Select the 3-letter S/DG identifiers for your course choices in order of preference Although you may leave selections blank after selecting the number of courses you entered in #2 above, it is recommended that you select extra courses as back-ups in case one of your choices does not attract the minimum number, you are unavailable when all other requesters are available, or two courses you want have to scheduled at the same time.  You may enter a maximum of 6 course choices including back-ups.  If interested in the CSU lecture series, that is handled in step 7 below, not here, and is not included in the "Number Courses" selected in step 2 above.

         1st Choice:  
         2nd Choice:  
         3rd Choice:  
         4th Choice:  
         5th Choice:  
         6th Choice:  

  4. Using the following 10 drop-down menus, indicate any half-day(s) you are unavailable.  Do not change the default selection if you are available that half day in all weeks of the month.

    Monday Mornings:
    Monday Afternoons:
    Tuesday Mornings:
    Tuesday Afternoons:
    Wednesday Mornings:
    Wednesday Afternoons:
    Thursday Mornings:
    Thursday Afternoons:
    Friday Mornings:
    Friday Afternoons:

  5. Enter the name of any friend who must be in the same section as you in case a class splits, and the 3-letter ID of the affected course. (Married couples with the same last name do not have to enter this, because they will automatically be clustered in case they both select an S/DG that splits).

  6. Enter the 3-letter identifier of any S/DG(s) you are willing to coordinate:
                Will Coordinate:   

  7. Special Requests or Comments: (You may enter up to 200 characters)
    If you are interested in the CSU 1st/3rd-Wednesday lecture series "The American West" in the Fall, enter "CSU" on the first line by itself in the box below, followed on subsequent lines by any other requests or comments.


  8. After reviewing your displayed choices above, click the SUBMIT button below. 

This will generate an email with your information encoded in the body.  You will need to hit your email SEND button to send that message and complete your registration.  (Add your own email address to distribution if you wish to receive a copy of that email.)  You will receive an acknowledgement (ACK) message which is actually a version being forwarded to Johan with more human-readable formatting.

    DO NOT WORRY that the new email generated  looks run-on, with lots of ampersands ("&"), "%40" instead of "@" in your email address, and "+" instead of blanks if you type more than one word in a box   –  the form-fill feature is supposed to create that encoding.  You should still be able to recognize your selections buried in the email you send, plus you will receive an acknowledgment (ACK) message confirming your selections in a more easily readable format.  (This ACK may not come immediately but certainly will within 24 hours.)

    If clicking SUBMIT does not generate an email as described, your web browser "Options" or "Preferences" are not set to associate your browser with your email system.  Go to the top of this webpage and click on the READ MORE button-box for assistance.

    Deadline for course registration is June 12
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